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To win the war of growing a business in the fast-moving 21st century we focus on the most important part of your company – your people.  Finding the right professionals and keeping them is a major concern today.  

With over 30 years experience in selection, retention, career management, developing and managing internal business relationships, we can maximize your efforts

Testing and Assessment

Today, an increasing number of companies are relying on testing and assessment processes to help validate candidates for executive positions.  Our instruments measure thinking style, relationship issues, management skills and styles, and personal veracity.  We can also, with relative ease and accuracy, identify Teamwork Styles, Decision-Making Ability, Aptitudes, Assertiveness, Organizational Fit, Autonomy and Initiative.  We also identify issues relative to Self-Discipline, Achievement, and Motivation. 

As job-changers become more sophisticated in resume development and interviewing, it is now more important than ever to have the ability to select and keep those with integrity and a true history of high performance to maximize your corporate profitability.

RMI was recently named Preferred Supplier of Testing and Assessment for several major Fortune 100 and 500 firms across the nation.

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Executive Coaching

In today’s business world, where the demands of high performance, quick decisions, fast and critical communications are becoming the norm, pressures build, relationships become frayed, and careers threatened.  With proper coaching, perspectives are widened, clarity is established, risks are reduced, and the abilities to think and cope are greatly enhanced.  

RMI’s coaching process enables managers and executives to initiate strategic business tactics that enhance and optimize individual and team performance.

 (Contact us for more information and assistance in our comprehensive and confidential Executive Coaching Service) 

Dr. Karnehm, President of RMI has advised and coached executives in over 300 medium to Fortune 500 and 100 companies throughout the U.S.

Succession Planning

Successful professionals are constantly learning, developing and growing.  When yesterday’s position is no longer challenging or satisfying, it is time to either redefine the job or promote the person. 

RMI’s Succession Planning Process helps you retain loyal and committed people by identifying the right positions for them within your organization.  As a result, you build on their history and knowledge with your company rather than watch them atrophy from within and face eventual replacement.  Replacing good talent is expensive and unnecessary, while strategic retention has been proven to be good for internal business relationships and highly profitable.

(Contact us for more information and assistance in our comprehensive and confidential Succession Planning Programs) 


No one likes to face the prospect of laying off good workers.  But when it becomes necessary, RMI can advise on the proper strategies in order to minimize internal productivity while ensuring a clean and mutually beneficial severance process.  With over 20 years experience in organizational downsizing, acquisitions and mergers we can consult on packages, procedures and coach you on how to humanely and responsibly “right-size” your work force.

We can also advise and facilitate in setting up in-house career centers, materials development, and train your staff in the art of career coaching and development.  We can help you turn around a potentially difficult situation to one of corporate sensitivity, integrity and enhanced commitment.  

(Contact us with your concerns and questions and one of our consultants will be glad to confidentially advise and assist you in your Outplacement Process)

Career Development

Most people make their career decisions early in life.  As a result they (consciously or unconsciously) make wrong decisions based on parental expectations, hero worship, profits, or just accidental selection.  Few, if any, do it well.  Usually by mid-career you find that you need a change to something more meaningful, exciting and profitable.

The RMI Career Development Program is based on over 40 years of research and designed to eliminate most all mistakes made by job seekers and career changers.

If you or your employees:

  • Need a powerful resume

  • Would like to know how the job market works

  • Need to build a contact network or marketing plan

  • Want some assistance in Job Interviewing and Negotiations, or

  • Need some career testing and assessment

RMI can help.  Contact us and one of our career professionals will be glad to answer your questions or assist you with a plan of action according to your needs.  A simple email could mean the difference between an exciting, professional and profitable new career….or staying put!

ROI/Optimized Performance

Relational Management, Inc., is proud to be on the cutting edge of organizational and corporate performance.  Our new IN-SYNC MANAGEMENTtm (ISMtm) is a process designed to maximize corporate management strategies and decisions, operating efficiencies, and profitability by improving the performance of everyone in the company.  ISMtm is an evolutionary and unique process that takes into account a new and revolutionary concept of change and personal empowerment.  When fully implemented this process generates full commitment from everyone to the company and its mission; reduces negative and non- constructive attitudes and behaviors; and instills a sense of meaning, purpose and direction within the organization.  

Consider this:

  • “Built To Last” (Collins & Porras) companies enjoyed cumulative stock returns over a 60-year period that were over 15 times greater than the general market!

  • In another study, the “Denison Organizational Culture Survey” found that weak work cultures had ROIs on average of 9% while those having positive work cultures yielded a 30% ROI!

  • In the UK, more than 30,000 organizations are certified as IIP (Investors In People) companies and these companies have been found to have nearly double return on sales and return on capital and nearly 10 times greater profit per employee than companies who are not certified as IIP companies.


Contact us if you are interested in stronger employee commitment, continued organizational growth and efficiencies, and greater profits.


RMI Can Help.  Our executive consulting staff has over 200 years combined experience in top international consulting and fortune 100 corporations and is responsible for some of the most cutting-edge programs in the industry.

Dedicated to Maximizing Human and Corporate Performance through Testing and Assessment, Team Building, Management Development, and Executive Coaching.

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